Speckled band

A revival of the play occured during the theatre season. For her own safety, Helen is told to secretly make her old room her bedroom for the night. I have heard of you before.

The Adventure of the Speckled Band

It is evident, therefore, that if both girls had married, this beauty would have had a mere pittance, while even one of them would cripple him to a very serious extent. I was too shaken to go to bed again, however, so I dressed, and as soon as it was daylight I slipped down, got a dog-cart at the Crown Inn, which is opposite, and drove to Leatherhead, from whence I have come on this morning with the one object of seeing you and asking Speckled band advice.

I have no doubt that, in spite of the repairs, you could manage there for one night. Household chores are undertaken by the two sisters, but the house is slowly decaying.

Before presenting her case though, Miss Stoner makes it clear that she cannot pay Holmes for his services at that time. Of course he must recall the snake before the morning light Speckled band it to the victim.

During this time their house was robbed. His name is Armitage—Percy Armitage—the second son of Mr. Does not that strike you? Holmes also deduced the possibility that this something was a snake from the fact that Roylott had spent a great deal of time in India.

Holmes, inwould list his 12 favourite Sherlock Holmes stories, and in that list, The Adventure of the Speckled Band was first named.

What are you going to do yourself?

The Adventure of the Speckled Band

Having once made up my mind, you know the steps which I took in order to put the matter to the proof. Snakes are deaf in the conventional sense but have vestiges to sense vibrations and low-frequency airborne sounds, making it remotely plausible to signal a snake by whistling.

It is my strong impression that I heard it, and yet, among the crash of Speckled band gale and the creaking of an old house, I may possibly have been deceived. Some of the blows of my cane came home and roused its snakish temper, so that it flew upon the first person it saw.

The case was, Holmes stressed, urgent. Generations of overindulgence had left the Roylotts impoverished, and so Grimesby Roylott, being the last of the family line, had departed years earlier for India, in order to make his own money.

Often, his client turns out to be a young woman who is, in some way, the victim of a powerful male—a relative, an employer, or a former suitor. A new one-off radio adaptation of the story was aired in May by Indian radio broadcaster Radio Mirchi, as part of their Sunday Suspense programming block.

I could, however, see that his face was deadly pale and filled with horror and loathing. She left quite a lot of money — one thousand pounds per year — which seemed ample for them, all to live on. When a doctor does go wrong he is the first of criminals.

His hand closed like a vice upon my wrist in his agitation. The shutters cut off the least ray of light, and we waited in absolute darkness. Your life may depend upon your compliance. A client gives the detective the unconnected clues that form a mystery.

You will excuse me for a few minutes while I satisfy myself as to this floor. Holmes quickly brushes aside this minor detail, and ushers Helen Stoner to tell her tale.

Adaptations "The Speckled Band", the second Sherlock Holmes dramatisation in history, written by Arthur Conan Doyle himself as the third stage play in his writing career. The central portion was in little better repair, but the right-hand block was comparatively modern, and the blinds in the windows, with the blue smoke curling up from the chimneys, showed that this was where the family resided.

Encouraged and reassured by Holmes, she recounts the reasons for her fears. That night they find out what his behaviour means but Sherman, a female pupil is attacked by the adder. Not to long later, though, Julia became engaged, after which she was killed in her very own room. He does not say so, but I can read it from his soothing answers and averted eyes.

Watsonthe deafness inconsistency while not the others was solved by Dr. Finally he walked over to the bed and spent some time in staring at it and in running his eye up and down the wall.

The Adventure of the Speckled Band Summary

His costume was a peculiar mixture of the professional and of the agricultural, having a black top-hat, a long frock-coat, and a pair of high gaiters, with a hunting-crop swinging in his hand."The Speckled Band", a British, English-language feature film adaptation fromproduced by British film company Stoll Pictures.

It starred Ellie Norwood and Hubert Willis, and was part of a series of Sherlock Holmes silent film adaptations by the studio. May 29,  · A young woman asks for Holmes' help when her ill-tempered stepfather moves her into the same room where her sister died under mysterious circumstances/10().

Speckled Band

The Adventure of the Speckled Band, Goodwin This is the "Graphic Novel Adventures of Sherlock Holmes", similar to the old "Classics Comics" from around Vincent Goodwin wrote this adaptation, Ben Dunn is the illustrator (p).4/5(11). The Speckled Band is a British film directed by Jack Raymond and an adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's original story "The Adventure of the Speckled Band" and the play he adapted from it, The Speckled Band.

"The Adventure of the Speckled Band" is the eighth story in the The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes story collection, the third publication in the Sherlock Holmes /5. The speckled band!" (Speckled. 50). Miss Stoner rushes out to find her stepfather – he is, after all, a doctor – who's coming out of his own room while tugging on .

Speckled band
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