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Pellicer is in agreement with the consideration that Lyrical Ballads, and in particular the Preface, were instigators of "radical literary change".

While writing in simple form, Wordsworth, nonetheless, succeeds in conveying a complex understanding of love and loss. Also Lyrical Ballads was written at a time of great Industrial change, when England was at war with France, nature was at risk at the hands of agricultural and industrial revolution.

However, what is so strange about the tale is only revealed in the final stanza when the "strange fits of passion" are revealed to be the narrator's fantasy that, "Lucy his lover should be dead! The ballad is a personal story and as such expresses the emotional feelings of the storyteller, whom one could assume is Wordsworth.

Have you read these? Wordsworth believed that the city life made the masses dull and stagnant — it had reduced them to overworked machines who failed to appreciate the simple beauty of life.

Giving the impression that nature seems to share its pleasure and joy with those that are in harmony with it, that experience it. Burney, that the Romantics were revolting against. Nature is personified here.

Lyrical Ballads Essay

Massive industrialization and urbanization — During this period, London became the urban centre of industrial development and huge masses of people migrated to the cities in search of jobs.

This familiarity is juxtaposed with the strangeness and assumed 'unfamiliarity' of his feelings. It is up to the largely middle-class reader to re-make the world to avoid such distress. However this should not be mistaken as the general reception. Wordsworth found inspiration from everyday figures of everyday life.

Coleridge clearly advocates a modest state of mind, the reader is encouraged not to be contemptuous or egotistic to others.

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He called this state of mental stagnancy as savage torpor. This leads Wordsworth to an attempt to define poetry and its effects on the reader. It is here that the narrator is revealing his feeling that something 'strange' is, in fact, afoot. All in all, I think Wordsworth makes two valuable points that poetry should be simple and direct, as well as that it should be linked to aspects of nature and beauty.

They who have been accustomed to the gaudiness and inane phraseology of modern writers, if they persist in reading this book to its conclusion, will no doubt, frequently have to struggle with feelings of strangeness and awkwardness Stanza 4.

In his preface, Wordsworth wrote of their choice subject Humble and rustic life was generally chosen because in that condition: Unlike other poets his ideas lead straight to the point, and there are no completely abstract, innate or thought provoking ideas that can surmise from his poetry.

He questions whether Lyrical Ballads was truly revolutionary in its defiance of neoclassicism and revaluing of poetic language or if it remained on par with other late eighteenth century poetry?

Preface to lyrical ballads essay

How to cite this page Choose cite format:Preface to Lyrical Ballads * Objective of the Essay * Nature of Poetry * Process of Poetic Composition * Proper Subject for Poetry * Justification For the Choice of Subject * Qualities of a Poet * Chief function of a poet * Issue Of Poetic Diction * Attack on Gothic Fiction Objectivity: This essay was written to explain the rational aspect or theoretical explanation behind the poems in Lyrical Ballads.

Nature of Poetry:.

Lyrical Ballads Essay

Published: Fri, 28 Apr In his Preface to Lyrical Ballads, William Wordsworth states his intent to redefine poetry in a way that would make it more accessible, and more interesting, to common people.

In his Preface to Lyrical Ballads, William Wordsworth states his intent to redefine poetry in a way that would make it more accessible, and more interesting, to common people. Thus, Lyrical Ballads should be read as Wordsworth's attempt to write poetry, which is in the language of common men and, to write, in an interesting way, about incidents.

William Wordsworth was an English romantic poet, who helped launch the romantic poetry era, along with his counterpart Samuel Coleridge. In his “Preface to Romantic Ballads,” Wordsworth provides his audience of an understanding of his style of poetry.

In his ‘Preface’ to the edition of the Lyrical Ballads, Wordsworth presented his poetic manifesto, indicating the extent to which he saw his poetry, and that of Coleridge, as breaking away from the ‘artificiality’, ‘triviality’ or over-elaborate and contrived quality of eighteenth-century poetry.

He ascribes to a completely different principle, the idea of words holding a direct meaning, linking to the natural elements that support maturity and growth, and maintaining a central and comprehensible thought.

In the beginning of Wordsworth’s “Preface to Lyrical Ballads,” he addresses his predecessors and talks about poetry before his time.

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Preface to lyrical ballads essay writer
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